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If you need to build your barbershop’s client base, the internet is the perfect way to go. Now more than ever people are turning to the internet to find all the services they need, whether that means a beautician, hairdresser, mobile hairdresser, massage therapist or their next cool spot to get a new look. It will probably start with quick Google search. Here are some proven online barber shop marketing tips that will direct attention towards your barbershop.


Build Your Brand

If there’s one thing you can do that will help you build clientele, it’s establishing an identity for yourself online. To do it, think about the environment in your barbershop. What your style of barbershop, we have been invited to hundreds over the last few years and you all have your own unique taste and style, whether it be sleek and stylish or old-fashioned and traditional, Is it modern? Do you offer something other barber shops don’t? Think about these things, then incorporate them into your online identity, including your website, your advertisements, and even your social media accounts. It’ll make your brand more memorable, which will generate more business.


 Website Tips

  • Create a logo – that has a traditional fun feel to it that we could all remember. (sharp lines in logos always a good start, ie Coca Cola, Mercedes and Nike)
  • Nice Clean homepage –I immediately get a feel for the vibe of you and your style.
  • Online Appointments– User experience is important. Was it easy to book an appointment?
  • Great Retail Products and Promotional Offers – Let you customers know about your offers.
  • Free Bottle of A Well Known Branded Beer Promotion – A recent invite to a popular Manchester spot very kindly grabbed us a cold one from the fridge 😊
  • If It Is Possible Encourage All Clients to Leave You A Review On Your Business, Our Directory Offers All listings The Ability To Leave Reviews.
  • What If You Don’t Have A Website, not everybody has one especially when starting out, hey use ours, after all your listing will provide you with a perfect shop window and we can promote your


Online Appointments


Gaining new clients has a lot to do with convenience and can be the key to gaining new and retaining clients. You should make everything about your barbershop as convenient as possible for your clients. For example, maybe you can stay open during evening hours or during weekends – times when other shops are closed. What’s more, you can even integrate online appointments into your marketing plan.

Be flexible with your bookings not everybody can meet your opening hours, if need be allocating some time to weekends and evening to show your clients your flexibility to their needs though there are limits to this of course.


Reward Repeat Customers


Nearly every barber we speak to offers repeat rewards to their customers, discount haircuts are sometimes difficult depending on how much you charge per cut, we spoke to a barber in Leeds, he was giving away a tub of Matte Paste for every 5th cut, the clients was  happy to receive a £10 tub maybe you’ve only paid £3 in costs, Just about every barbershop out there offers promos for its new customers, and while that’s a great way to bring people in the door, it does very little to keep them coming back. I am Lucky as we have a barber in the family, so its more that I give a bottle of wine for having my hair cut.


Hows Your Social Media?

If your new to social media your barbershop you could be missing out on a huge local audience. Roughly speaking 72% of all adults across the country access their Facebook accounts on a daily basis, and Instagram is the brand recognition app off all time, we would recommend uploading all your latest cuts, styles and shaves as often as possible it may not benefit you locally but you can gain a huge following and gain some fantastic recognition, hey who doesn’t like some praise.

RMC Directory is fortunate to have our own Influencer Programme working for us and for our clients, it spontaneously promotes to all our social and professional media platforms.


Hows Your Link Building?


Search engines measure a website’s value and relevance by analyzing the links to the site from other websites. The resulting “link popularity” is a measure of the number and quality of links to a website. It is an integral part of a website’s ranking in search engines. Google’s Words.


  Listing on RMC Directory will provide you with maybe your first of a long list for your link building strategy -RMC Words


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